Global Mental Healthcare - Investment Synopsis


Mental Health disorders are common to all countries of the globe, and cause immense suffering and huge social and economic costs, borne by individuals, governments and corporations alike. This is a growing global issue, which is causing great stress to healthcare systems throughout the world. It is widely acknowledged that primary healthcare physicians play a vital role in the delivery of mental healthcare and well-being. There has also been an acknowledgement from the healthcare industry, that the availability of early multi-disorder assessment tools will mitigate these problems to a great degree.

Recognising this growing global need, an Australian registered company, has developed proprietary SAAS (`Software as a Solution’) program/tool. This software is the world’s most comprehensive online multi- disorder mental health assessment system for primary care and a catalyst for global transformational change in mental health. Developed in Australia, but now in Brazil, the US and soon another 5 countries, the program has already been used by over 10,000 patients.

Investment Summary

The company is currently seeking to raise AUD$6 Million in growth capital to enable it to expand into key overseas jurisdictions. The investor/s would be offered 40% shares of the company and an appropriate representation on the board in return. The company has already licensed their technology into Latin America and requires growth capital to move quickly into key markets, including the U.S.A. A comprehensive marketing plan has already been prepared and is ready for implementation.

The annual projected revenue potential for roll out to the three markets of Brazil, USA and Australia, is estimated to be from $73 Million to $366 Million p.a., depending on low to high uptake.

The Company

The company is a private Australian company, owned by a group of investors who are passionate about mental health and generating a healthy return on investment. The company’s value to mental health sufferers and the community as a whole, is to deliver significantly improved mental health outcomes through what is a paradigm shift in the way mental health is assessed, and monitored and treatment is managed. The company’s Mission Statement is to be the world's leading mental health assessment tool and information provider to practitioners, specialists, industry, governments and of course, the public.

Project Overview

Based on the company’s forecasted revenue for the next 3 years, a higher than standard project ROI is anticipated.