Pacific Island Resort Development - Investment Synopsis


The Pacific Islands are renowned as lifestyle holiday and beach-resort destinations with numerous exclusive waterfront property developments including hotels, lagoons and holiday hideaways. Until now, substantial investment opportunities in this sector, have been few and far between.

Investment Summary

TPS Capital is seeking the interest of investor/s to develop a unique Pacific Island luxury resort complex to be situated in a prime coastal location within close proximity to an international airport. This is an ideal opportunity for astute investors to capitalise on the growing trend towards sunshine destinations for international tourists.

Investment in the site to date, exceeds US$9 Million. Investor entry point for this prestigious project can be negotiated depending on the agreed investment structure. Public Private Partnerships will be given consideration. The project has Master Planning Approval. In addition, Stage 1 of the development has been approved in principle, the Environmental Impact Report has been approved, and there are also Investment Incentives and Import Concessions available to the investor/s. Construction costs are estimated to be in excess of US$1 Billion. It is intended that the resort hotels of this potentially very profitable development, will be leased to recognised international resort hotel operators.

The Development Company

The company is a privately-owned creative property development company, with many years of experience. It has an excellent reputation for developing high-value, quality, coastal waterways properties. The activities of the company are supported by in-house design, consultation, civil construction, marine facilities and project management solutions.

Project Overview

This proposed new integrated resort development project will cover about 270 hectares, and includes up to 2,000 hotel rooms within 5 hotels, of which one will be a 5-star hotel. Also included are hotel condominiums, approximately 600 elite residential property sites, luxury apartments, a retail centre with a shopping mall, a canal network, a lagoon marina, an 18-hole golf course and other recreational facilities. Construction and development will be completed in 8 stages within a 10 year period, and will provide some 4,000 job opportunities. Completion of the 650 room 5-star hotel will be finalised during Stage 1.

The proposed commercial/mixed residential sector is planned for the area including and surrounding the marina development and the proposed lagoon areas. The luxury resort hotel will be in an area that has tourist destination attractions to both distinguish it and accentuate it as a desirable destination.