Unique New Zealand Water Export - Investment Synopsis


New Zealand is recognised internationally for the quality of its natural water resources and clean environment. In the South Island of New Zealand, located in an undeveloped mountainous region which is known for its very high annual rainfall, there is an abundant, and renewable, supply of fresh potable water available for bulk export.

Investment Summary

TPS Capital is seeking the interest of investor(s) to develop the infrastructure, and commercialise a long term venture, for the shipping of 800,000 tonnes of bulk water per month from a coastal South Island site in New Zealand. The required total capital investment in New Zealand is circa US$125 Million.

Exclusive Opportunity

Given the growing global imbalance between supply and demand of potable water, this project offers the investor(s) the potential for an exclusive opportunity to access, market and distribute this essential and unique resource.

Project Overview

  • Sourced from high in the mountains, water of unsurpassed purity and quality is available.
  • This has been verified by independent laboratory tests.
  • All required New Zealand Government regulatory consents are approved, and in place, to allow commencement of the project. These consents are continuous and can be extended in 2027.
  • The water will be taken by pipeline from a gravity weir at the mountain source, to a reservoir and pump house to be located near the foreshore.
  • Time to complete the pipeline and required infrastructure is estimated at 18 months.
  • The quality of the water will be quality assured as it will be filtered and ultra-light sterilised.
  • To ensure consistency, each shipment batch of water will be quality assurance certificated.
  • Water loading will be through a single point mooring buoy to be anchored a few kilometres from the coastal foreshore, in water deep enough to moor 100,000 dwt bulk water tankers.
  • There is all year round marine access for shipping in this area.
  • The depth of the seawater at the mooring buoy is 34 metres.
  • Pump loading each tanker is scheduled to take 48 hours.
  • This is an open-ended project that has the potential to appreciate in value over time.
The successful investor will have first option on possible further resource development.